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DJs & Producers

Our DJs and producers are invited from all over the world to take part in the IllumiNaughty world, to not only showcase their extraordinary beats but to fuse their sounds with a world that we all create. We have welcomed some of the most iconic trance artists onto our stage, alongside brand new DJs and producers who want to get their music heard. Discover more about our upcoming and previous DJs, from their recent releases and mixes to interviews.


Our dancers and performers bring our story to life, and light up the stage with unparalleled talent. Choreographed performances run throughout each IllumiNaughty event, taking you through fire, acrobatics, aerial feats, martial arts and characters that transform each chapter into a true escape from the outside world. Be prepared to witness show-stopped displays from the masters of each art form


Our performers have included aerial silks, fire breathers, contortionists, stilt walkers, aerial hoop, pole dancers, fire fans, gymnasts, jugglers and martial arts specialists. We look out for the rarest and most entertaining acts, to make each IllumiNaughty event unique and in a class of its own.



Photographers & Videographers

We are proud to have some of the most creative photographers and videographers that know how to capture the experience of the event. Our professional team stops at nothing to deliver the energy and vibe of the crowd, music, performers and individuals that make each event so special.

Stalls & Vendors

At IllumiNaughty we want to provide a festival experience at every event, and the opportunity for creative artisans, artists, crafters, tarot readers and vendors to showcase their trade. Our stalls let you discover the hidden treasures designed by visionaries from all art forms.


IllumiNaughty would not be the event it is without the troupe of volunteers that make sure that everything runs smoothly. From our street team to artist management, marketing and behind the scenes production, we would like to thank our volunteers for their part in making each show a masterpiece.

Street Team

Our street team is essential to our event, to make sure each edition is heard about across the city. There is no limit to the creativity of our teams, from mini sound-systems to full costumes, they always make an impression that draws in the crowds to each event. Discover some of the best moments from the characters of our street team. Want to sign up? Join our team here:

Art & Art Installations

Our artists bring inspiration from around the world to the installations at IllumiNaughty, from murals to sculptures and decorative features. Each event hosts visionary art that fuses with each overlying theme, to create a fully immersive world that can be explored. Each installation blends in seamlessly with the setting around it, to create an experience that blends realism with the extraordinary.

General Event Staff

Our event staff makes every event happen behind the scenes, from stage managers to artist liaisons, riggers, marketing, production and logistics. Each event requires careful planning months in advance to ensure that the night runs smoothly, and that the team are fully prepared to handle the inevitable issues that arise each night. If you want to join our dynamic production team, get involved here: