Make Mine A Double… IllumiNaughty Is Back With Two Events!

Good things come to those who wait, and the events industry and their audiences have been waiting for what could be the next moon landing. IllumiNaughty, the visionary dance music event which brings together your favourite DJs in trance and psytrance, is landing straight back into London with two truly wild events to welcome us all back to the night. On September 18th, the deep groove master Neelix will take London into the stratosphere for a candyland adventure at Sugar Rush, followed up by a special collaboration with Shamanic Tales Records, to see the likes of Astrix, Out of Orbit and Juno Reactor dive into a neon jungle for Shamanic Tales on the 9th October.

After an incalculable amount of time without events, would-be attendees are purchasing tickets for events and festivals alike at an unprecedented rate, with the saving reserves acquired over a long period of lockdown, and the desire to attend as many events as possible once they return. In this collective buzz, festivals have sold out many months prior to the summer, and it appears that if you want to attend the major events in autumn, now is the time to buy tickets, despite the additional dates provided by organisers.

IllumiNaughty Pres: Sugar Rush is about to take us on the biggest rush in years, on September 18th at the iconic Electric Brixton venue in London. The undeniable king of genre fusion between progessive trance, progressive house and techno, Neelix, is bringing his unique sounds into the immersive world of IllumiNaughty’s venue presence. Every event brings to life a brand new theme, and for this date we are ready to explore a surreal landscape of candy cane trees, sugardrop castles and glowing aquamarine rivers. Fabio and a host of other artists will dive into melodic grooves and rolling basslines between candyfloss clouds and lollipop trees, all brought together with a thrilling storyline. From the moment you step inside the venue, get ready to be taken away by the realism of the world, as every element at an IllumiNaughty event has been detailed and brought together into a complete setting, from the entrance tunnel to performers, characters, stage designs, interactive stalls, special effects and enchanting canopy.

IllumiNaughty Pres: Shamanic Tales follows up this candyland adventure with a journey into the jungle depths at the theatrical Troxy venue in London, as the story departs from the previous event for a venture into the shamanic arts. Headlining this event is none other than the master of psychedelic trance, Astrix, alongside the cascading drops and beats of Out of Orbit, Juno Reactor, Thallom, Multiverse, Neill Moore and Lost Element. They will be immersed into an overgrown tropical location of undiscovered structures and mythical elements. New types of performers and characters build out a unique story for this event, which may include fire, aerial, acrobatic, martial arts or any other skill… we will have to wait to find out.

So despite the shaky start to the summer, we can guarantee that events will be back, bigger and more frequent than ever. Over a year of planning and preparation has let event organisers dream up new concepts that we are extremely excited to see, from a crazy candyland to the depths of a neon jungle. We can’t wait to get lost on new adventures that have been two years in the making, and it all starts this September.