Shamanic Tales 2021

IllumiNaughty was back to London with a brand new theme: ‘Shamanic Tales’, after nearly two years without events over a long lockdown period.

We went on a trip with the Shamans across the prismatic jungle, evoking ancient rituals and trance-like states to enter the supernatural world. Through the realms of the gatekeepers, we discovered the origin of the wild forces.

An intergalatic lineup of Astrix, Juno Reactor, Out of Orbit, Static Movement, Thallom, Neill Moore, Multiverse and Lost Element set the dancefloor on fire, infront of a stage that came alive sonically and visually. A huge collaboration with FM Booking to pilot the first of their ‘Shamanic Nights’ series across the world. Special thanks to Sol Music for presenting the melodic sounds of Static Movement. This was a new project with Global Illumination, together designing a stage concept to bring their 3D mapping artistry to our event.

Thank you to everyone to brought their energy to the limit and made the event we had been waiting for!


🔊 Astrix

🔊Juno Reactor Out of Orbit

🔊 Static Movement

🔊 Thallom


🔊 Neill Moore

🔊 Lost Element