Psychodrome & Psynegeirus joined forces in 2021 and formed a full-on psytrance duo to rock the dance floors. Based in the UK and Greece, you will have seen them around the most energetic European dance events. Psychodrome started his psytrance journey in 1996 experimenting with Goa Trance, and in 1999 he moved to the UK where he continued mixing and producing twisted psytrance. In 2006-2007 he joined the IllumiNaughty crew and became a resident DJ for this new born psytrance event, mixing full-on Psytrance. 

Psynegeirus started his psytrance journey in 2012 by playing in several events in Greece and in 2014 joined Amorphia, a psytrance crew in Greece. In 2021 he decided to join Psychodrome and IllumiNaughty by forming the duo Multiverse. 

Both born and raised in Greece, deriving musical inspiration from rock, heavy metal and punk, before they followed Psytrance.