An Interview With Sugar Rush Production

Every IllumiNaughty we see a completely new theme, what was the inspiration for Sugar Rush? We wanted to do something that contrasted the last theme of Shamanic Tales, which was

Behind The Scenes: How Decor Is Made

Behind The Scenes: How Our Decor Is Made Every IllumiNaughty event is built around a brand new theme, which doesn’t follow the lines of any other stage, setting or story

The Evolution Of Our Themes

The Evolution of our Themes   Every chapter of IllumiNaughty takes us to a different world, through an evolving storyline that never stays the same, and never follows the norm.

Sugar Rush DJ Competition

As we head into summer, our huge welcome-back party, Sugar Rush, is coming together. With Neelix, Fabio Fusco, Static Movement, Liquid Ross, Neutrino & Montez, this lineup has got us