The IllumiNaughty experience defines a new era of clubbing… Discover the dynamic world of evolving themes, concepts and storylines which take you through an immersive journey with each chapter. Each event follows its own unique theme for which brand new décor is designed, curated and produced to transform the venue into a world never seen before. 

Become part of a world that hits all the senses, as our performers and characters take you to a world of electric dreams, dystopian cities or ancient temples. Art forms from capoeira to aerialists to Japanese martial arts display their skills through a developing story that you can take part in. With attention down to the finest detail, every world is brought to life into an elaborate, realistic and larger-than-life production.

The Story

Enter the world of IllumiNaughty, into an evolving series of events, each episode a more advanced version than ever before. Each event is wrapped in its own unique story, that pulls together previous characters into a new world, theme and exploit. We take you with us to become part of each immersive story, to design your own character and influence the direction of events. Our stories have taken our audiences through tribal temples to a futuristic neon Tokyo metropolis, each one as diverse and original as the theme. Get ready to take part in our next episode of Shamanic Tales, set deep in the jungle.

The Performance

IllumiNaughty brings to life its themes and worlds with performers, acrobats, characters, artists and costumes. They keep the stage alight with breath-taking shows and their own special effects, that bring the audience into the story throughout the night. Every event holds up to fifty performers who work each other and you to fully transform our venue into this episode of IllumiNaughty.

The Music

For over a decade we’ve seen artists from international superstars to the freshest new talent shake our dancefloors. From genres spanning psytrance, trance, drum and bass, breaks, reggae, metal and more, we are always discovering new sounds to share with music lovers.

Always on the search for cutting edge underground sounds, we bring you lineups that show the diversity in the scene alongside our all-time favourites.

The Vibe

Our vibe is about the diversity, creativity and inspiration that our attendees bring to IllumiNaughty. We work with you to create a vibe that brings people together and with the music, through dramatic themes, costumes, storylines, performances and special effects through to our stalls where you can meet the characters that become part of our story.


The most important part of IllumiNaughty is YOU! Without you there would be no party, and we can’t wait to see what ingenious and spectacular costumes you have waiting for us at our upcoming event, Shamanic Tales, at Troxy London. We are always amazed at the creativity that turns up to our events either in the form of costumes, talents, ideas or just the energy and passion for the music, which inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of our themes and performanances.