His impact becomes apparent whenever electronic music lovers use his name to refer to a particular style: Neelix sound. They do so for a good reason, as it isvery hard to find a particular genre for this artist. There’s the melodic catchiness of Trance, there’s the lively drive of Progressive House, there’s the rocky edge of Electro – yet the whole is more than the sum of its parts. In this respect the sound of Neelix has inspired many producers during the past 10 years, but its dynamic elegance has never been reached by any other; which in turn explains the extremely high popularity of his live shows.

The foundations for what is today well-known as Neelix sound were laid in 2005 when Henrik Twardzik from Hamburg released his second album, No Way To Leave. This work made clear that the producer had left the path of self-discovery and had entered the path of innovation. A very steep path, as the impressive development of Neelix proved during the following years. His high-octane party music made him a crowd pleaser at Progressive Trance events around the world, all of his albums on SpinTwist Records sold out within no time, and before long his talent also drew the attention of other scenes.

Somehow the man with the iconic glasses just keeps on pushing the limits -during a single track, during a live set, and during his career as a musician. In 2014 he has performed at mayor parties and festivals on all 5 continents, including Boom, Universo Paralello, and Tomorrowland, to name a few. The music of Neelix can be found in the CD bags of countless DJs, in film productions, and on prestigious imprints like Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records. Despite his seemingly endless tour schedule he’s also working on fresh tunes, a series of new EPs has been announced on his long-year label SpinTwist. As a matter of fact the character of Neelix is perfectly reflected in his own sound: You might think you’ve reached the climax… yet there’s still more to come!