Neill Moore

Neill Moore is a UK based psychedelic trance DJ and producer who plays his live act performances under the stage name ‘NEO’. Armed with his production stems, live synths and FX jamming, from devices such as the Virus Ti, Kaos Pad 3 and EFX1000, he breaths a unique dimension of life into every performance. 

He has been a favorite DJ of many fans since as far back as 2004 when he was playing a wide variety of different styles of trance on vinyl until he decided to go fully psychedelic due to it’s beautifully delicate and intricate compositions with a vast array of textures, instruments, creative freedom and inspiring visual and cultural aspects – which fitted well with Neill’s general mentality before he even discovered the music.

Neill has also spent well over a decade training in audio engineering and has made a lot of music in a lot of different genres over the years, from everything to ambient textural to free giveaway CD’s with Mixmag Magazine. He is also an avid sound designer and synth programming freak, with countless hours of synth patch programming that have helped give a flavor to his tracks that fans say sounds ‘unique’ or ‘different’. 

As a music composer, Neill’s source of inspiration stems from a wide variety of different musical styles, including: breaks, dubstep, uplifting trance, tribal, dark psytrance, techno, hardhouse, cinematic, classical and many more. Surprisingly his music has also been abstractly influenced by his taste in computer games, movies, topics of interest, art and reading that usually involve some form of science, philosophy, sci-fi or futuristic technology.

Signed to UK based labels ‘Liquid Records’ and ‘Altered States Music’ he is managed by ‘7artistmanagement’ that has helped give him breakthroughs to play alongside all of the worlds most heavyweight artists at some of the worlds most iconic and prestigious events, festivals and venues such as:  Noisily Festival, Earthdance, Tribe of Frog, Troxy theater, Camden palace, Ministry of Sound (to name a few) and every other venue worth mentioning in his hometown of London. He has also had the privilege of holding ‘A class’ residencies at promotions such as Psymera, Planet Angel and Boomtown Fair’s Psychedelic Forest (the UKs largest capacity psytance stage) and been a promoter of his own nights such as Magnetix and Psyrhythmix at London’s famous and long standing small venue, Club414, as well as being heavily involved with many other well established promotions in the past. He has also taken his sound around the globe to places such as Mexico, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, Morocco, Turkey, Portugal, Canada, Estonia, Switzerland etc.

Neill’s love and passion for the music is said to shine through in both his DJ and Live performances and he has been highly rated by some of the worlds best artists and promoters as one to watch out for in the near future. He is also a qualified and heavily experienced music tutor with an immaculate track record of student, client and audience satisfaction – some idea of which can be viewed from his Facebook review tab here: