DJ ThallOm (Expo Records) is Brazil born. He has been involved with the electronic music scene since 2009, playing Psychedelic trance and full-on. He has performed at very prestigious event, for example “Universo Paralello”, Brazil’s biggest festival, “Ozora 1 Day In London”. “IllumiNaughty”, “Earthdance” & “Return To The Source”. ThallOm has been successfully running events in London since 2012:- “Cohesion” London’s Only Fullon Monthly Psy -Trance party & “illusiOm”. He has shared the stage alongside artists including Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Ace Ventura, Skazi, GMS, Sonic Species, Avalon , Tristan & Talamasca. He is a resident for many events and is currently in production mode as “Mentalogic”