Behind The Scenes: How Decor Is Made

Behind The Scenes: How Our Decor Is Made

Every IllumiNaughty event is built around a brand new theme, which doesn’t follow the lines of any other stage, setting or story from around the world. Each theme creates an entirely new experience from a complete stage setup, towering decor, immersive canopy, mesmerizing performers, dramatic characters and interactive installations. The concept is first created with 3D renders, which show how the setting will look from all perspectives, and can be adapted until it works with the IllumiNaughty experience. Take a look at what happens when the drawings begin to turn into reality:

Design & Renders

The design process is the first stage of the development of every theme, in which we take ideas from stories, shows, movies and your input. Our team of experts construct a range of installation concepts which all work together to build up a cohesive theme, from which the best ones go into development. After these are selected, we build 3D models and sketches which let us see the design before it goes into production. At this stage, we see how the design can be experienced at every level.



7 Axis Robot

All of our large stage structures are fabricated with our 7 axis robot, which carves sculptures with the freedom of 7 rotational axes. Carving out fine features and complex patterns to the exact renders we create, it lets us develop worlds that look exactly like they are imagined, with the detail that makes each part come to life. Tall statues, jungle creatures and the tree figureheads of Shamanic Tales are all developed on our 7 axis robot, which create an immersion like nothing else.



CNC Routing

Detailed designs make cascading backdrops, colourful signage and iconic wall decor. Each piece is turned from a model to part of a fascinating element of an alternate world, shaped from powerful CNC equipment which mechanically drills into material according to the design. This advanced CNC machinery engraves and forms intricate designs into any type of material which makes a theme realistic, such as rustic wood, reflective metal and natural faux stone. Routing each piece fabricates them to a perfect representation of what has been sketched out from our original concept, which contributes to the cohesive and mesmerizing setting for each event.



High Temperature Glazing

Once our large structures have been carved by our 7 axis robot, they need to be coated, sanded and heated to be ready for finishing, transportation and the party. They are placed within a large room at our facilities, heated to almost 50 degrees Celsius, and sealed to the highest grade with a coating that makes them smooth and durable enough to keep going to 5am under the stage lights and special effects. After this stage, the structures can go through final painting and lacquering.



Hand Finishing

Our team of painters, builders, sculptors and artisans hand finish each piece of decor, before it is transported to the event. They paint fine details to give each sculpture character and animation, and complete every look with vibrant colours, metallic finishes and even moving parts. There is no limit to their capabilities, and can transform small elements or towering statues into dynamic parts of every new theme.




The decor is transported to London days before the event, over which time it is put together piece by piece within Troxy. A canopy is attached to manoeuvrable structures which lift the decor above the stage, and standing installations are assembled into their complete forms. Our riggers start early in the morning to build each theme before it is ready to come alive at night.



See you at Sugar Rush on the 5th March, at Troxy in London, for another edition of IllumiNaughty with a custom Candyland theme with Neelix, Ace Ventura, Talamasca, Liquid Ross, Neutrino, Montez and DJane Anastazja. Step through the doors of a brand new world, where everything is seen from a different perspective.

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